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The 18th arrondissement is the big neighbour of the La Villette district. It is one of the most working-class districts in Paris, but it also boasts a unique jewel that attracts visitors from all over the world: Montmartre. This authentic village, which became part of Paris at the end of the 19th century, has preserved all the charm of days gone by. But it’s only recently that the Butte Montmartre has become a popular and trendy district. Since the 17th century, when it was a small corner of the countryside, this village has kept its popular character. Montmartre, like Belleville during the war, has always had a strong identity that can still be felt around every street corner.


Leaving the hotel, either on foot or by metro, you’ll soon arrive in Montmartre and begin your ascent of the Butte to discover life as it was in days gone by. Everything here is beautiful. Whatever the season, whatever the weather, you’ll instantly fall under the Butte’s spell. Contemplating Paris in the snow in front of the Sacré-Coeur is as beautiful as strolling along the Place du Tertre in the sunshine.

The Butte Montmartre is among the most elevated places in Paris, and the view from the esplanade of the Basilica is breathtaking. As you follow the maze of cobbled streets, you’ll discover charming places that share a strong artistic imprint. Some of the world’s greatest painters have cut their teeth in Montmartre and left their mark here. Museums, vineyards, and chapels rub shoulders with restaurants, bars and cultural events.


More than just a district, Montmartre has become a symbol of Parisian life and, above all, of French romanticism. The artistic atmosphere is still very much present, and the district is regularly chosen as the setting for films, cultural events and even sporting events. Several artists have also made the area their home.
Montmartre is also the district of the Abbesses and of Amélie Poulain, of textile merchants, of Pigalle and of the Moulin Rouge. It is also where you will find theatres and, not far on the way to the Opéra Garnier, the district of Paris’s prestigious theatres.


Big cities have their tourist offices, and Montmartre has its own! Which just goes to show what a special place this is. The ReMIX Hotel has a definite advantage in that it is at the crossroads of the main places of interest in Paris in general, and in the north of the capital. Whether on a tourist or business trip, the hotel’s proximity to the Butte Montmartre makes it a strategic location. Have you come to La Villette for a conference or concert? Wouldn’t it be a shame to leave without making a diversion to Montmartre? Paris will always be Paris!

How to get to Montmartre from the hotel?

  • On foot: 56 mins by walking along the Bassin de La Villette
  • By metro: less than 30 mins from Porte de La Villette Station, 1 min from the hotel
  • By bike: 20 minutes from the Velib station, a 1-minute walk from the hotel