The name of the bar, a mix of Marvin Gaye and Kool & the Gang, sounds like a tribute to the 80s atmosphere of pop, R’n’B and funk. The atypical decor is inspired by American music halls, with brass and light for a vintage, chic and trendy musical touch. Open to all, the bar of the hotel becomes for our customers and visitors, the new meeting place in Paris 19. With friends or colleagues, you can enjoy a moment out of time, to the rhythm of the music that we love.


During the renovation of the hotel, we paid particular attention to the decoration of the bar, to give it that glam rock feel which is so characteristic of the atmosphere that reigns there.


One bar, many moments! Marvin & The Gang sets the pace for the day at the ReMIX Hotel, from morning to night, for a (very) early buffet breakfast, a relaxing late afternoon after the hustle and bustle of Paris, a cosy and trendy afterwork, and a day that stretches out to an evening of music, drinks, and snacks.


The day begins in the bar room with a hot and cold buffet breakfast, served from 6.30am for the bravest amongst you, and until 10am for those less in a hurry. On the menu for this pantagruelian breakfast is a selection of fresh and hot products, in an elegant and cosy atmosphere. It’s a perfect way to start the day, with music, for a trade show at the nearby Paris Event Center, a family fun moment at the Cité des Sciences and Vill’up or the Parc de la Villette, or a shopping and sightseeing trip around Paris.


From Monday to Friday, the bar is open to all, customers as well as visitors, from 4pm. It’s the perfect time to take a musical break after a busy day and to chill out with some 80s rock sound. Enjoy hot or cold drinks and snacks before switching to a cocktail atmosphere at the end of the day. Ideally located in Paris 19, ReMIX offers direct access to the Hippopotamus restaurant, open from 11am to 11pm with continuous service. There’s nothing like Marvin & The Gang to start the evening before dinner, or to end it on a cosy note afterwards!

Until 11pm, Marvin & The Gang turns into the trendiest bar in the La Villette district. It’s time for an afterwork drink with colleagues or an evening with friends over a cocktail and a snack on platters. The bar’s menu includes a selection of delicatessen products, including “Super Producer” spreads, cheese, or charcuterie boards, or both! Are you a champagne-lover or more of a cocktail enthusiast? The barman prepares a selection of signature cocktails, specialities of ReMIX Hotel, to be enjoyed in moderation, just for the pleasure of it. Click here !


Marvin & The Gang is also a regular afterwork spot with a DJ set. The evening’s programme includes music, of course, but with a DJ, and a trendy 80s and 90s vibe and intimate atmosphere. Keep an eye on the programme, it takes place 2 Thursdays a month, except during the summer holidays, so you can get back into shape! Dancing in September never was a cloudy day !


With its vintage atmosphere that mixes pop, rock and ragtime, with a capacity of 70 people, the Marvin & The Gang is definitely the trendiest bar in Paris 19, where people crowd for a moment of relaxation or cosy, funky evenings with friends. Because even a colleague becomes a friend here!


The name of the bar, Marvin & The Gang, was simply born from an evidence, by mixing the names of 2 emblematic representatives of that time, Marvin Gaye and Kool & The Gang.  Ronald Bell sang it so well, We’re gonna celebrate and have a good time!