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Stade de France

The official stadium of the French football and rugby teams, the largest stadium in France and 3rd largest in Europe with 80,000 seats, the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, on the edge of Paris, is also the only stadium in the world to have hosted the most international sporting competitions since it was built. The World Athletics Championships, the Football World Cup, the Champions League finals, the Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games… what an impressive prize list!


The ReMIX Hotel, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, is very close to the Stade de France, both by public transport and by car. The location is ideal for making the most of the events organised there, while enjoying the benefits of the La Villette district and its many activities. As for us, we have experience of this type of event, and the whole hotel team will be on hand to help you to play the extra-time card.


A quick trip back in time… In 1998, France was chosen for the second time as the host country of the Football World Cup, just 60 years after it hosted the event for the first time. It was an opportunity to renovate and build new, higher-capacity facilities. The Stade de France was born and was inaugurated in January with a historic France-Spain game! Zidane’s goal was even seen as a good omen for the forthcoming competition.

The Stade de France has been designed to rival the greatest venues, not only for hosting major sporting competitions, as we have already said, but also for organising shows and events that border on the grandiose. Stars from France and all over the world have enjoyed an extraordinary venue for their legendary concerts. The Rolling Stones, Madonna, AC/DC, Prince, Muse… Johnny Hallyday has performed here 9 times, and everyone remembers his arrival by helicopter through the open roof onto the lawn.


While it is the temple of sport, mainly football and rugby, and of music, since 2019 the Stade de France has also welcomed a space dedicated to esport competitions. The 1st resident club at the Stade de France is Team Vitality, winners of the Intel Extreme Masters IEM Rio 2023. What a run!

Like all places of (very) great interest, the Stade de France can be visited! The 1.5-hour tour takes you inside the stadium, to the changing rooms and the tunnel leading to the lawn, so you can literally walk in the footsteps of some of the greatest players who have ever set foot on this pitch. In 2008, the Promenade des Célébrités was inaugurated. A Hollywood Walk of Fame of sport and music, all around the stadium, where you can discover the footprints of the greatest players and artists who have left their imprint on the history of the stadium. The team of 98 world champions rub shoulders with Usaïn Bolt and Muse, Fabien Galthié in tribute to the Rugby World Cup and the Black Eyed Peas.

Stade de France Stadium

Since its inauguration in 1998, the Stade de France has hosted over 500 major events and welcomed more than 35 million visitors. Rugby World Cup 2023, Olympic Games 2024, concerts, shows, you’ll never walk alone!


Geographical proximity, easy access by various and rapid transport modes, relaxation areas, comfortable rooms, musical and warm atmosphere, our establishment really has everything to convince you. Whatever the reason for your stay – tourism, business or if you’re just passing through for a concert or sporting event at the Stade de France – the ReMIX Hotel is not just an option, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.
The whole team is waiting to see the flame grow in your eyes!

How to get to the Stade de France from the hotel

  • By foot: less than 1 hour!
  • By tram & Bus: less than 30 mins from Porte de La Villette Station, 1 min by foot from the hotel
  • By bike: 15 mins from the Velib station at only 1 min by foot from the hotel
  • By car: the fastest way in under 15 mins! On-site car parks.

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