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The Zenith of Paris

The Parc de La Villette was built in the heart of a district historically influenced by culture and artistic expression in all its diversity. The decoration of the ReMIX Hotel is largely inspired by this, in all the interior spaces as well as in the musical atmosphere that reigns there. Moreover, the hotel is in a perfect location, just a few minutes from the main activities and facilities on the site, as well as the Park’s main performance venues. Music is one of the key attractions of the La Villette district and is fully expressed in venues that are now famous and sought-after by artists from all over the world: the Zenith of Paris, the Cabaret sauvage, the Cité de la Musique and the Philarmonie.


The central building in the district’s renovation was of course the Grande Halle de La Villette, a building emblematic of 19th-century architecture. But the very first concert hall to be inaugurated in 1984 was the Zenith of Paris, which at the time symbolised this revival. More than a brand, a venue or a concert hall, the Zenith is a true concept, born of the desire to offer a privileged place of expression for contemporary music in general and rock in particular.


A brand and a concept, the Zenith of Paris was the first of its kind to be built, and today there are 17 performance venues throughout France. In Paris, 150 events of all kinds – sporting, musical, cultural, professional, and even political – are held every year. The Zenith is now an impressive machine for rich and varied artistic expression, as well as a major venue for private and business events in Paris.

Its programme attracts 700,000 visitors a year, from all over France and often from all over the world, for events that attract both the public and the professional and business world. One of the main features of a Zenith is its modularity, which means it can be adapted to all types of concerts and shows in general.


Less than 15 minutes’ walk away, the ReMIX Hotel has the experience of this type of events and welcomes you in the best conditions whatever the reason for your visit to the Zenith, whether it’s for a concert, a show, a convention, or a conference. Formerly known as Forrest Hill, our hotel was one of the first to be set up nearby. Not only is the hotel’s musical atmosphere a reminder of a concert hall, but the entire decoration is also a tribute to music.


The Zenith has two sides. On the public side, it hosts concerts, shows and sports competitions, as well as music programmes with huge audiences. There are many prestigious examples: the Victoires de la Musique, the Fête de la chanson française, Taratata, which attracts stars from all over the world! It’s truly a place where each artist leaves his or her own mark. Don’t we say ” the Zenith by”?

On the business side, the Zenith of Paris also plays a key role in the organisation of professional events. Major companies such as Dassault, Havas and Hewlett-Packard have chosen the Zenith of Paris to host their conventions, and several political parties have also held their meetings there.

How can we help you? Well, it’s simple: not only is the ReMIX Hotel right next door to the Zenith, but we also have all the facilities needed to accommodate working groups outside the trade fairs and events organised there. Are you coming just for a concert? Not just any concert, of course. The hotel will enable you to organise and plan your stay, and even extend the musical experience in our bar, the Marvin & the Gang.

Pick-up good vibrations!


How do you get to the Zenith from the hotel?

  • On foot: through the Parc de la Villette
  • By tram: from Porte de La Villette station, 1 minutes’ walk from the hotel to Ella Fitzgerald station
  • By bike: from the Velib station, a 1-minute walk from the hotel


For the full Zénith de Paris programme, click here

  • To purchase tickets, click there
  • To organise a concert, go here
  • If you’re organising a private event, it’s better to go this way