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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Mario’s birthday is coming! Be ready for the 10th of March!

The ReMIX Hotel always celebrate Mario Bros’ birthday! You have most likely seen Mario everywhere in the hotel since he is one of our most loyal guests.


In honor of the most famous plumber on the planet, the 10th of March is the official birthday of our favorite “Jumpman”! Why the 10th of March? Because MAR10 obviously! MAR10 that you can read MARIO!


But do you truly know Mario?


Even though Super Mario Bros came out in 1989 on Nintendo, Mario was created in 1981. He first appeared in the game Donkey Kong but did not yet have his iconic name.

This brand new hero was known under the name Jumpman. His goal? To save the lady in distress from the giant gorilla by avoiding obstacles thrown his way, including the famous barrels.

But did you know? … He was not a plumber!

Mario has not always been this sympathetic plumber that everyone knows. In Donkey Kong, he was a carpenter!

It is in 1983, 2 years after his creation, that Mario became a plumber, hence all the pipes in the Mario games.

The most famous plumber appeared in more than 200 games ever since his creation in 1981, a record!

(After this culture minute, you have no excuse to forget about the 10th of March!)

Will you celebrate the Saint Mario as well?

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